How To Register

Registering you team is easy and can take minutes to complete. Provided below are steps a coach should take to ensure the successful registration of their team.

  1. Thoroughly read the provided tournament information and rules to assure complete understanding of tournament expectations, procedures, and proceedings.
  2. Select “Register Now!” under the “PSF Jamfest” drop-down menu.
  3. Complete all required fields indicated with an asterisk. Complete additional fields as applicable. (You will receive email confirmation within 24 hours of registration with further instruction in submitting necessary team roster and tournament waiver/liability forms)
  4.  Mail payment. You will be notified when payment is received.

This form does not guarantee you a spot in the tournament. This form notifies the registration representative of your interest in the tournament and holds your place in the registration process. Further registration questions and concerns may be directed to Coach Larry Haines, Assistant Basketball Coach, at -- or -- Lou Zadecky, Penn State Fayette Athletic Director, at